Welcome to my personal page

I'm Jozsef Laszlo - also known as joco - and this page contains personal information about me.

Last updated: Feb/13 2015(I update this page from time to time...)

Please remember, English is not my mother tongue, so in case you find some funny expressions, just smile, no problem...
By the way, the page is not without irony so I hope you'll smile... cause that's what is all about.

Base data
Name: Jozsef Laszlo
Alias/Nick: joco (you can pronounce it as is or ''yotzoo'', I don't mind)
Nationality: Hungarian
Date of Birth: Jan 20th, 1970
Graduated as: Engineer of Automation and Industry Informatics
Place where I live: Hungary
Company I work for: Extemporel Inc, http://www.chuala.com
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If you want to contact me, go for it. You can do it as anonym.

Some stuff you may be interested in....
My MAME cabinet: MAME cabinet is a classic arcade style game cabinet. It contains a simple P3 PC and a monitor, plus some electronic for the controller. The titles for the photos are Hungarian, still you can see how we built this nice machine just for fun. My kids love it. Me too. My favourite games are: Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Scramble, Astro fighter, Burger time, Donkey kong.... this is an endless list.
My C64DTV mod: DTV in an original C64 case It uses the original C64 keyboard matrix, of course.
VGA programming lessons
Bomber Dash: A simple old style game (VC++, DirectX8) bombdash.homeserver.hu
A pretty ZX Spectrum emulator with source code.
A remake of the great old game, Chuckie Eggs: Chuckie The game is developed under DOS, but it runs with DOSBOX or native XP as well. Complete source is included.
A remake of the first video game, PONG: PONG The game is developed under DOS, but it runs with DOSBOX or native XP as well. Complete source is included.
Some basic FPGA designs of mine. Coming soon...
ZX Spectrum with HDMI video output, using Pipistrello FPGA board
A seldmade PIC evaluation board, utilizing PIC24FJ256GB microcontroller
Proof of Concept design, for Pipistrello FPGA board
IBM Model-M Keyboard USB interface. Interfacing an IBM Terminal Model-M keyboard (no. 1395665) to modern PC's