FPGA development


Gowin+STM32 multicore retro emulation board

The main goal of this project is to create an alternative to Mist/Sidi board. There is nothing wrong with these boards, I just wanted to have my own solution. Also, the primary target was to recreate some old Hungarian 8 bits computers, trying some new ways. Gowin is a relatively new brand on the FPGA market, still they produce quite interesting chips. The one used on the test board called Tang Nano 9K for example has integrated PSRAM and FLASH.

TN9 FPGA board
The board itself
The STM32 MCU is the central controller of the board. It has a firmware that is responsible to handle the Joystick inputs, the SD card, the USB keyboard and programming the FPGA board. The emulation is done completely in the FPGA chip, it has enough resoruces to realize those old machines.
The FPGA board originally had its own programmer chip which I removed, so the STM32 can reprogram the FPGA on the fly, using JTAG protocol and port.
Right now I have the following cores that run stable on the board:
(... and planning to implement more, like VIC20, C+4, ZX81, Jupure ACE... just need time )

Screenshot Baord working
And this is how it works....


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