Programming languaes I know

Assembly languages

The assembly is the programming language. Anything else just makes things more complicated. But when you use
assembly, everyhing is simple and clear. All instructions do exactly what they have to do, so you can be sure that 2+2 is 4.
In other languages you always have to check it. Sometimes it's 5. :-)

  • Intel 8080/8085 family
  • Zilog Z80 family
  • Motorola 68000 family
  • PIC microcontroller family
  • Intel 80x86/Pentium family real mode 16 bits
  • Intel 80x86/Pentium family protected mode 32 bits
  • Other programming languages

  • Pascal, Borland Pascal, Free Pascal, Delphi
  • Visual Basic (Visual studio 6. Visual Basic .NET, ASP)
  • C/C++, Microsoft .NET C# (C-sharp)
  • Perl, nowadays it's a huge overcomplicated beast, but still, one of the best scriping language
  • Basic (yes, it's a programming language belive or not)
  • UNIX shells
  • PHP, another good scripting language, designed for webpages. Powerful.
  • HTML (this is not a language, though)
  • VHDL for FPGA design. I use the old schematic based method, too.