Favorite music styles, bands

Rock, Hard-Rock, Heavy Metal, Classics,  ORIGINAL Rock

I believe music is one of the most important thing in our life. Everybody likes listening music, all of us are affected by the music. For me, the rock and the heavy metal were the music of my childhood. :-)

Sorry folks, no downloads.. I had to remove the mp3 files from my server for reasons we all know.

ballad - slow and melodious, a real rock ballad
rock - melodious but not that slow, "metallic" instead
heavy - real heavy metal
trash - fast and heavy, trash metal

Scorpions,  the best band ever
Love Of My Life (actually it's a Queen record, but the Scorpions play it better than the original. ballad)
Holiday   (This is what Scorpions do. The number one for the Scorpions funs. ballad)
Rock you like a hurricane   (A classic from the 80's. One of the most popular Scorpions records. rock)
Blackout   (Another well known record from the 80's. rock)
Walking on the edge   (from 90's. rock)
Every minute, every day   (from 90's. A really tuneful but fast record. rock)

Richie Blackmore ... like Deep purple, Rainbow, Blackmore's Night
I do believe that this guy has given new dimensions to the instrument we all call guitar. Check it!
A light in the black (A rainbow record. rock)
Memmingen (simple, short but great. instrumental. ballad)
Ocean Gypsy   (you are going to love this. epic. ballad)
Beyond the sunset (slow and nice. instrumental. ballad )

Yngwie Malmsteen, another great guy who can really play on guitar
Crying (a masterpiece, instrumental. ballad)

Led Zeppelin, the roots of  rock
Stairway to Heaven (hey, everybody knows this. ballad/rock)

Metallica, listen, so you'll understand what power means
One (starts slowly, then turns into a fast guitar play. cool. ballad/heavy)
For whom the bell tolls ( A classic Metallica record. heavy)
Nohing else matters ( A really popular, well known ballad form Metallica. ballad)
Frantic (From the new album. Raw and fast! trash)

Iron Maiden, melodic and fast, they are professionals

Helloween, faster than the speed of light :-)
A little time (It's just a tipical Helloween record. heavy)

Manowar, "the" metal

Megadeth, guys from hell... you need patience for this :-)

Yes, I know. Old style, old bands, but I am old enough to love them I guess.