JOCO's ZX Spectrum Emulator

Do you remember the little cute ZX Spectrum?
Do you remember the famous Zilog Z80 processor?

Ok, here is a really simple, small, but working ZX spectrum emulator. I developed this software for two reasons:
 * for FUN,
 * for educational purposes.

So, if you want to have a perfect ZX spectrum emulator with ton's of old games and a lot of extra features... this is not the place you intended to see. This page is those who would like to see how an emulator works inside. The source of the emulator is entirely FREE. Download it, use it, do whatever you want to do. Please read the file for the legal part.

The Spectrum emulator is written in GNU C, while the Z80 CPU emulator is in NASM assembler.

Remember! It's not perfect, it's not bug free.

Here we go:

 * DJGPP (GNU C) compiler for DOS (works with Win32 as well)
 * NASM assembler


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 Who: When: 2018-04-29 01:42:03 

Hi, Joco. I hope this msg finds you well. would you have any assembler material for begginers for indicating ?