Chuckie Egg

the remake written by Joco


Written By: Jozsef Laszlo
Status: Done, tested with DOS,WinXP,DosBOX
Purpose: FUN, Education
Legal: Free, Open Source
Target OS: DOS, real mode
Development system: Borland Pascal 7.0, using ASSEMBLY functions/procedures
Runs on Windows XP? YES (page flipping might not perfect or too fast)
Runs in DosBox? YES (just fine)
Video: VGA, modex video mode (double-buffered page flipping)
Sound: Speaker only
  • Source is commented party in English and party in Hungarian
  • No WARRANTY! Use it as is. I am not responsible for anything.
  • Contains 16 playable levels
  • Controls: keyboard Q-A-O-P SPACE


Chuckie Eggs was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. I used to play it on my first ZX-Spectrum, later on C-64 as well. On ZX-Spectrum there was a sequel entitled Chuckie Eggs 2 which is a great game too. Once I learned enough about programming the VGA card, I started to develop this game. Though the drawing methods and the way I refresh the screen is not the best, the game works fine even on a historic 486 machine. It works with Windows XP too, but I do not recommend it, because the timing won't be perfect. Instead, use the well known DOSBOX to execute this game.

You can download the complete source code for the game and for the level editor. Both are written in Borland Pascal 7.0. I used the assembly and the pascal language mixed. Some comments in the source will be Hungarian, others are English. Sorry about that. I am too lazy to do all the translations. Anyway, if you want to learn something about the VGA programming, especially about the MODEX video modes, this game is a good reference for you. Have fun!