My Books

This is not a joke friend, I really worked a lot with these...
Programming VGA cards in Pascal and  Assembly langugaes
release date 1994
number of pages 350
in the market? No

This is my first book. By the 90's the VGA and SVGA cards became the de-facto PC-standard graphics cards. As the title says, this book is about programming the VGA cards in the most effective way: via low level I/O registers from assembly language. There are general info in it, like description of the VGA-BIOS and the standard VGA register set and there are a lots of example programs. You can learn how to use the VGA text modes, the 16 color graph modes, and the 256 color graph modes. There're some some words about the non-standard features like different resolutions, modex mode and so on. Just for hardcode programmers!

Programming PC peripherials  in Pascal and Assembly languages 
PC peripherials
release date 1996
number of pages 280
in the market? No

Another hardware related book. You can learn about the tipical PC hardware parts, like keyboard, serial ports, paralell ports, mouse, system controllel hardware. I used the pascal and assembly (Borland Pascal 7.0) languages mixed for the high and low level access to the hardware. Tons of examples. The last chapter is about the VESA standard. Logically this is an extension for the VGA book, cause it shows how to program the SVGA videomodes under DOS. There are some electronic basics in the book, too.

Programming Soundcards in Pascal and Assembly languages 
release date 1998
number of pages 518
in the market? Yes

Well, this was hard... Programming the soundcards is a huge area. I had to write down everything about the Sound Blaster and Gravis Ultrasound cards. As usual, I used the Borland Pascal for the examples. I had to collect the information from the Internet, cause the hardware producers didn't want to give any information about the low level registers and features. Actually, I guess it's a great book for those who want to produce music/voice with their PC. A little outdated nowdays, cause everybody uses the Direct-X for stuff like this.

Internet basics for everybody 
release date 2000
number of pages 253
in the market? Yes

The title tells everything. A basic book for dummies to learn the Internet basics. Nowadays the new connection methods like cable-tv, adsl are really popular, so I think I'll have to rewrite some chapters for this book soon....

Internet Applications, Programming dynamic web pages
release date 2002
number of pages 491
in the market? Yes

Do you want to write dynamic webpages? CGI scripts? PHP pages? Do you want to use MySQL database? If yes, this is the right book for you. Everything about the CGI programs, the PHP scripts and the MySQL databases is in this book. A cool one I swear!

Programming PC hardware in real and protected mode
release date 2003
number of pages 527
in the market? Yes

My last book so far. I went back to the PC hardware again. In this book I use the Borland Pascal for the real mode examples and the Free Pascal for the protected mode examples. The Free Pascal is a new pascal developer system, and it's quite good I guess. In a way, this book is the "re-release" of the VGA and PC-peripheria books, with updated informations about the PC hardware of course. The new VESA 2.0 3.0 funtcions and the linear framebuffer mode are also mentioned. For hardcore programmers!