Jozsef Laszlo


Birth date:              20th of January, 1970

Home:                      Hungary


Personal web:


Hungarian, 2 children



1984-1988         Otto Blathy Eletronic Technical College (high school), Miskolc

1991-1994         University of Miskolc, graduated as

Engineer of Automation and Industry Informatics


Previous positions/employers

1994-1995           Department Engineer at University of Miskolc, Department of Automation

(Hungary, Miskolc)

1996-1999           Network Engineer and Systems Developer at Elender Internet Inc.

(Hungary, Budapest)

2000-2004         Systems Administrator and Systems Developer at PSINetworks Europe

(Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fonds)

 2004-2006         Software developer,  administrator  (Borsodchem Inc, Kazincbarcika, Hungary)

 2006-2008         Application developer (C/C++,PHP), (Extemporel Inc, Charlottetown, Canada)

 2008-2009         Video Game developer,  (Other Ocean Inc, Charlottetown, Canada)

 2009- 2012        Software developer (Windows, IOS, Android) 

(International Media Centre Ltd., Budapest)

 2012-               Systems administrator and developer,

(Gapelaag Ltd, Kazincbarcika, Hungary)




Programming (UNIX/Linux systems)

  * languages: C/C++, shell, Perl, HTML, PHP, Java and JavaScript

  * uses PHP to automate system administration tasks, unix network programming

  * uses Perl, C/C++ and PHP to writing scripts and dynamic web pages


Programming (PC and other systems)

  * languages:  Visual Basic, C#, .NET, C/C++, Borland Pascal, Borland Delphi,

  * significant experience in Intel 80x86 family assembly, and other microprocessors assembly languages

  * using Objective-C, IOS development for iPhone/iPad/iPod devices

  * using Java, Android devices

  * knowledge of directshow, broadcasting industry, programming DeckLink Cards in .NET environment


Design and hardware

     *  FPGA development, VHDL/Verilog language

*  experienced microcontroller and microprocessor programmer  (Atmel, PIC)

*  embedded systems (design and programming) experience

*  basic knowledge of Eagle PCB designer software

*  digital hardware systems developer, ability of fast learning new high or low level programming languages



  * knowledge SQL based languages and SQL based servers - Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL (using LAMP systems)


Systems Administrator

  * Linux, UNIX, Solaris, Windows Systems (XP/Win7)

  * used tipical various UNIX services (Sendmail, Apache, Pop3, DNS, Bind, MySQL)

  * user tools installation: GNU tools, shell scripts, Perl


Networking, security

  * knowledge of Cisco's IOS

  * familiarity with LAN technologies Ethernet and FastEthernet networks, switches, hubs

  * knowledge of various firewall architectures: application level,  NAT, dynamic access lists, packet-filtering



  * installed and maintains http daemon, tuned Apache server for performance

  * experienced web application developer (in various languages, C/C++, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, xajax)


Publications (books in Hungary)

programmer's book: Programming VGA cards in Pascal and Assembly languages, 1994

programmer's book: Programming Soundcards in Pascal and Assembly languages, 1996

programmer's book: Programming PC peripheries in Pascal and Assembly languages,  1997

book: Internet basics for everybody, 2001

programmer's book: Internet Applications, Programming dynamic web pages CGI/Active WEB pages, Apache+MySQL+PHP, 2002

programmer’s book: Programming PC hardware in real a protected mode,, 2003



* Collecting old, classic 8 bit computers, Writing games (using Visual C++ and Objective-C)

* Planning and building electronic circuits, FPGA development in VHDL, programming PIC microcontrollers


Language skills

* English (fluent)

* Hungarian (mother tongue)